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Our ambition for Skigaarden is to create a unique meeting place for mountain folk and ski enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you are passing through, an Alpine skier, a mountaineer, resident or simply a bit hungry, we want you to feel at home in Hemsedal. As you cross the bridge over the ski slope, you should feel at home. Here you have everything you need for great days and experiences in the mountains. There are good solutions for operations, with a clear distinction between being a guest or owner at Skigaarden.

We have endeavoured to create a unique architecture with strong roots in Norwegian traditions; an architecture that is in harmony with nature. To preserve the landscape and enhance the ski area, all vehicular traffic and parking are placed underground. The entire area is 100% car-free, with practical solutions that safeguard the alpine product and nature. Skigaarden is for everyone and easily accessible whether you arrive by car, on skis, on bicycles or on foot.


We are always on the lookout for people eager to be a part of our team. We strive to be a place in which you feel included, educated and glad to be a part of. Our team are combined of a lot of nationalities, experiences and passions. This makes us a working space where there is always something to learn, about your trade, your self and how to work with others. Our aim is to always to deliver the highest quality possible for us, that includes your work. We will make you better at what you do, if you let us.

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