Housekeeping manager

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des 15, 2021

Job description The housekeeping manager must be a leader who truly sees employees as the most important resource, who cares for them and helps them advance, encouraging growth and development. By working proactively, creating a working environment built on trust between team members, the household manager should be able to create an atmosphere where team members can deliver perfect results, results that guests want to come back for. Working closely with the team members also means that the team can develop as a group and lift each individual’s own strengths.

You report directly to the Hotel Manager.

Skills requirements:

To succeed in this role, it is important to have good collaboration skills, being able to create connections between departments, creating understanding for each other through the win-win paradigm is a must.

We believe that if you are passionate about your employees, want to challenge traditional thinking and love to deliver fantastic guest experiences, then you are the right person for this position.

To be suitable, you should be a person who is efficient and structured, a natural problem solver who can control and conquer unforeseen events. You are a good role model, who proactively advances your team and inspires them to constantly surpass themselves. You always see everything through the "guests' glasses", to create the premium experience that our guests are used to when visiting us.

As head of housekeeping, you are responsible for your team and for following and fulfilling your KPIs (key performance indicators) that are set up for you, with the help of your team.

We believe you have:

Several years of management experience.

Experience from similar work.

The ability to constantly grow on an individual level as well as together with your team and organization.


Leadership experience


Do you want to join us in making Fyri an outstanding experience?

Ongoing selection procedures

Type of work contract: This is a full-time position.

Starting date 1st of December but also later on. When are you able to come?

Working hours Working hours may apply from 06.00 and work weekdays such as weekends.

Place of work On Fyri resort

Salary Salary is important and is individual. The company you will be employed by are not bound by any international wage agreements, but it complies with at least minimum wage regulations that apply to the hospitality industry.

Other information

Are you hesitant about working in another country? Don’t worry! Fýri Resort and ESS Group (which Fýri is a part of) are very experienced in addressing questions our employees might have regarding work standards and protocols. It should always be easy to become a staff member at Fýri and ESS Group. We will therefore guide and help you with paperwork like how to deal with taxes abroad, with living facilities, and social security numbers etc. If you are vaccinated and have a driver’s license, working at Fýri will become even easier.


Last date of application As soon as possible

How to apply? On this link:

Contact person/ telephone number Sandra

004670-678 03 33




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Welcome to Fýri Resort and the wonderful area of Hemsedal, three short hours from Oslo, Norway.

Fýri is beautifully located in the Norwegian mountains, with spectacular nature just outside the door.

We’re an all-year mountain resort that – since we opened our doors in December 2019, – have offered our visitors 144 rooms, a pool club, two restaurants, a gym, open fireplaces, and a playground. At Fýri we want to create an environment where guests and staff members alike can feel at home.

With that said, we think and hope that you are passionate about delivering great service as we are.

We have received awards for being Norway’s greatest ski resort, so saying that our ambitions are set high is an understatement. To enjoy the life here, we believe that you truly appreciate being close to the great outdoors.

We are looking for those who want to be a part of something new, and who are looking for an adventure together with like-minded people. So, if you are interested in being a part of a team that is constantly developing, you should definitely join us on our journey forward.

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